How to Create a Wedding Crossword - The Ultimate Guide

May 15, 2021

In this guide we explain everything you need to know about wedding crosswords if you're considering having one at your wedding.

We explain how to make it, use it, print it, which clues and questions to include, what are the costs and what to be careful about.😊

➑️ To create a beautiful crossword puzzle, try out our tool that is designed for making wedding crosswords & offers 40+ wedding designs. 😊

Why a wedding crossword?

  1. πŸ€΅πŸ‘° Wedding guests often know only the bride or the groom and not much about the couple, so tell them more about you with a crossword.
  2. ⏳ There is always some waiting time on weddings and since nobody likes waiting too much a crossword can make the waiting time fun.
  3. πŸ’¬ Wedding guests usually only talk to the people they already know. To encourage families and friends to talk with each other, use a wedding crossword.
  4. πŸ† If you want to have a fun activity at the wedding, you can run a competition with a wedding crossword and see who knows you as a couple best.
  5. πŸ’ƒ Not everyone is dancing. They don't dance because of disabilities, age or they may be shy. A table activity would give them something to do.
  6. πŸ’– To add some meaningful decoration to your wedding, put a solved wedding crossword in a frame and on your wedding tables or at the reception area.


Your wedding crossword can match your wedding theme & colors. See which design would best fit your wedding here.

How to best use a wedding crossword?

  • As a wedding invitation
  • As a part of the goodie bags or favours
  • As a wedding table activity
  • As a wedding table decoration
  • As a self-standing crossword puzzle

Estimate the costs

Having a wedding crossword shouldn't be costly at all. 😊 But it can be if you choose the best paper, personalized pencils, etc. To estimate the costs consider:

  • You make it yourself ($0), use online tools ($0-40) or someone makes it for you ($10-50): To choose among many wedding designs and create a beautiful personalized wedding crossword at an affordable price ($16), see our crossword making tool. You can try it out for free! But we also have a matching surprise gift for you and a discount, so keep reading to get to it... πŸ₯³
  • Printing and paper type: Around 130 prints on standard paper will cost you from $6 for B&W print to $40 or up for color print. Better paper will cost more.
  • The pens or pencils: Depending on the number and type of pens or pencils this'll cost from $6 for standard pencils to $ 50 for personalized ones for 130 guests.
  • The competition prize: A bottle of a good wine will cost you around $30, but the second slice of your wedding cake will cost you nothing. So it's really on you.
  • A poster stand for a self-standing crossword puzzle: Unless you have it, you'll need to buy or borrow one. Here is one from Amazon ($16.95 + shipping).


There are also many personalized pencil providers on Etsy, such as this one.

How to create a wedding crossword puzzle?

1. Use free online crossword making tools

If you want to make the crossword yourself or if you're on budget, use free online tools. Then do the printing at home or cheaply at a local print shop. This will cost you very little, but you'll not be able to customize the crossword much. The free tools usually only enable you to enter the clues and the title and no other customization, such as using background designs, changing the font or text color etc.

2. Use our online crossword making tool

To create a more beautiful and customized crossword and to save time, you can use our crossword making tool. You will be able to choose among 40+ wedding designs, upload your own, customize the title, subtitle and questions text, select font and text colours, adjust the position of the crossword elements and choose the layout of the puzzle. You can try out the tool for free here.

3. Order someone to make it for you

If you don’t have time to create the crossword or if you'd like to have as little work as possible with it, order it on Etsy. Etsy is a platform that enables small business owners or creators to sell their craft products online. 😊 You can also take a look at our Etsy shop where we can create a customized crosswords for you.

Choose your clues or questions

To create a wedding crossword think about the clues or questions you will put in it. To get some inspiration check the following articles:

To make it easier for later, save the clues you like in a Word document and then just copy paste them into the crossword maker tool. 😊

Think about the design

Take into consideration your wedding theme, colors and stationery and adjust the design to it. Your crossword design can be either simple and elegant or it can be cute and colorful. Our most popular designs are floral and B&W ones. 😊

Custom wedding crosswords examples

Check our 40+ designs here. Note that you can also upload your own design.

Unless you have some design skills it will probably be harder for you to create the crossword design yourself and it will also take you quite some time. But if you have time and you like DIY projects, then go ahead and enjoy the process! 😊 If you're lacking time or design skills try out our crossword maker and choose from 40+ designs made specifically for weddings or upload your own. 😊

Pick the size

The size of the crossword depends on how you'll use it. If you put one crossword per table an A4 size (US letter) will do well. If you'll have one crossword per person choose either A4 (US letter) or A5 (US half letter). But if you'll have only one big crossword on a poster stand, we recommend A2 size (US 18x24 inches).

Select the paper

Considering the paper type and quality you can visit a local print shop to see different types of paper and decide for the one that you prefer. You can even buy different ones and print samples to decide. But in general, it's better to use a bit thicker paper to avoid crumpling and less textured paper so it's easier to write on them. If you want rustic look, pick the crossword without a design and print it on brown recycled paper.

Decide where you’re going to print

You can print your wedding crossword puzzle:

  • At the local print shop: We recommend this option for the best result and quality. It will also enable you a lot more paper variation and the print shop will trim the ends of the crosswords too.
  • At home: If you're really on budget and you have a printer this is a cheaper option, although the quality of print is not comparable. Just trim the ends of the crossword with scissors or a craft knife and a ruler. This option is only possible for normal sized or smaller crosswords, not bigger ones.

Our printing suggestions

  • If you print the crossword at home, consider designs with less images or more white space to avoid bad quality print and using a lot of ink which can be costly.
  • Always print only one crossword puzzle first before you print the whole batch so you can see if you’re satisfied with it and if there are any mistakes. 😊

Organize a fun competition

Create teams that will compete in solving the puzzle and reward the first team with a prize! 😊 We came up with six ideas for teams: wedding tables, groomsmen and braidsmaids, parents, siblings, friends, and husband and wife. With the last option ask someone to make the crossword for you so none of you will know the clues.

Do not forget

  • The pencils or pens, because how will the guests solve the puzzle otherwise?
  • Adjust the size of the text and the puzzle to those who don’t see well
  • Print only one crossword at first to see if you like it and to look for mistakes
  • Explain the competition rules to the guests and prepare the prize

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We wish you a wonderful wedding! 😊