75+ Clues and Questions Ideas for a Birthday Crossword Puzzle

March 25, 2021

Do you want to surprise your loved one with a thoughtful and fun birthday gift?

A personalized birthday crossword puzzle is a great idea to make someone's birthday unique and memorable. Whether it’s your daughter's 21st birthday, your mother’s 50th birthday or grandfather's 80th birthday.

To help you create a birthday crossword, we came up with a list of 75+ clues and question ideas. 😊

Birthday crossword puzzle example

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Now let's jump to the list of the clues ideas below.

🥳 Personal details:

  1. The city where she was born or grew up in
  2. His second name
  3. The color of her eyes
  4. School he went to
  5. He studied this
  6. Her dream job is
  7. Her profession is
  8. The brand of the car she has
  9. She cannot live without
  10. Name of his best friend
  11. Name of his pet
  12. She is allergic to
  13. Her zodiac sign
  14. The thing he is most afraid of

🌠 Memories:

  1. The cartoon or cartoon character she loved as a kid
  2. When he was little he wanted to be a
  3. Her highschool or childhood nickname
  4. Name of his childhood best friend
  5. Where did she go for summer camps
  6. Name of his childhood pet
  7. His first job was
  8. Name of her first boyfriend
  9. Where did she meet her husband

🗺️ Location & Travel:

  1. The highest mountain she climbed
  2. The farthest country he visited
  3. The first or the most recent country he traveled to
  4. Where did she first travel by an airplane
  5. The country where he went skydiving for the first time
  6. The city or country she would love to return to
  7. The city or country he wishes to travel to
  8. The city or a country he would like to live in

✔️ Numbers:

  1. The number of languages she speaks
  2. The number of times he took the driving licence test
  3. The number of times he has broken a limb
  4. The number of tattoos or piercings she has
  5. The number of children she wants to have or has
  6. The number of countries he visited
  7. The number of nieces or grandchildren she has
  8. The number of countries he lived in

🏟️ Hobbies & Free time:

  1. The instrument she plays
  2. The sport he plays
  3. The genre of movies or books she likes the most
  4. His biggest talent
  5. He collects this (ex. stamps)
  6. Her signature dish or dessert
  7. The thing she most often does in her free-time
  8. Her most known skill
  9. He volunteers in
  10. His celebrity crush or sport idol
  11. The type of self-treatment she loves
  12. The dish or dessert he loves to cook or bake

💚 Favourites:

  1. Her favourite dish, dessert, snack or ice-cream flavour
  2. His favourite drink or cocktail
  3. Her favourite restaurant, bar or coffee shop
  4. Her favourite movie or TV show
  5. His favourite singer or band
  6. His favourite radio station
  7. Her favourite song
  8. Her favourite color
  9. Her favourite flower or plant
  10. His favourite animal
  11. His favorite country he/she visited
  12. Her dream car
  13. His favourite board game or video game
  14. Her favourite sport
  15. Her favourite sports team
  16. His favourite book or writer
  17. Her favourite school subject
  18. Her favourite holiday or season

😆 Funny:

  1. The funniest Halloween costume she ever wore is
  2. How his mother calls him
  3. The weirdest or grossest food she ever ate
  4. You could bribe him with
  5. The illegal thing she once did
  6. The craziest color of hair he had
  7. The worst or the funniest job she ever had
  8. The weirdest date location or activity
  9. He is a dog or a cat person

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We hope this list helped!

We wish you a wonderful birthday celebration! ❤️