70+ Clues and Questions Ideas for a Bridal Shower Crossword Puzzle

March 25, 2021

Do you want to surprise the bride with a fun and memorable activity at the bridal shower? Or, do you as a bride want to check how much your bridesmaids know about you, the groom and the wedding?

Well, then a personalized crossword puzzle is a perfect match for a bridal party you’re having!

To help you decide on which clues to include in the bridal shower crossword puzzle, we have created a list of 70+ clues and questions ideas. 😊

Bridal shower crossword puzzle example

We also created a simple crossword maker tool, which you can use to create the perfect bridal shower crossword puzzle that will beautifully match the theme of the party and be as fun and challenging as you wish it to be.

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Now let's jump to the list of clues ideas!

👰🤵 Personal details:

  1. Where the bride and the groom met
  2. The location of the first date
  3. The month of the groom’s birthday
  4. The bride’s profession is
  5. The city or country the bride was born in
  6. The city where the bride and the groom live
  7. The color of the groom’s eyes
  8. Name of their dog or cat
  9. Name of the bride’s father or mother
  10. Name of the groom’s brother or sister
  11. Name of the bride’s best friend
  12. The groom’s nickname
  13. The bride’s middle name
  14. The bride is afraid of
  15. The thing the groom is allergic to

💍 Wedding & Proposal details:

  1. Where the groom proposed to the bride
  2. The month the groom proposed to the bride
  3. The stone in the engagement ring
  4. The number of wedding dresses the bride tried on
  5. The name of the best man or maid of honor
  6. The location of the wedding
  7. The flowers in bride's wedding bouquet
  8. The number of bridesmaids
  9. The song for the newlyweds first dance
  10. The flavour of the wedding cake
  11. The honeymoon destination

✔️ Numbers:

  1. The age of the groom when he had his first kiss
  2. The number of boyfriends the bride had before
  3. The number of dates before the bride and the groom started dating
  4. The age gap between the bride and the groom
  5. The number of years the couple is together
  6. The number of siblings the bride has
  7. How many pets do the bride and the groom have
  8. The number of countries the couple visited

🏟️ Hobbies & Free time:

  1. Sports activity the groom loves to do
  2. Board game the bride loves to play
  3. The type of books the bride reads
  4. The instrument that the groom plays
  5. The retreat type the bride loves to go to
  6. The motive the groom loves to paint
  7. The genre of music the groom listens to
  8. The groom loves to make this dessert
  9. The highest mountain the bride climbed
  10. The first solo trip the bride went to
  11. The groom’s side business is called
  12. The couple’s first road trip
  13. The couple’s Christmas or Easter tradition
  14. The charity organization which the groom supports
  15. The bride’s celebrity crush

💚 Favourites:

  1. Bride’s favourite restaurant or coffee shop
  2. Groom’s favourite type of coffee, wine or beer
  3. Groom’s favourite dish, dessert, snack or drink
  4. Bride’s favorite meal or drink the groom prepares to her
  5. Bride’s favourite fruit or vegetable
  6. Bride’s favourite flower
  7. Bride’s favourite brand of clothes or place to shop
  8. Bride’s favourite color
  9. Grooms’s favourite movie or TV show
  10. Groom’s favourite cartoon or cartoon character
  11. Bride’s favourite singer or band
  12. Bride’s favourite book or writer
  13. Groom’s favourite winter or summer sport
  14. Bride’s favourite holiday
  15. Bride’s favourite travel destination or city
  16. Groom’s favourite date activity

😆 Funny:

  1. The worst job the groom had is
  2. The funniest Hallowen costume the couple wore
  3. The worst habit the groom has according to the bride
  4. The nickname the groom uses for the bride
  5. The funniest gift the bride gave to the groom
  6. The most common swear word the groom uses
  7. Groom’s least favourite household chore
  8. The craziest thing the couple once did
  9. Every time the mother of the bride visits the couple she brings this
  10. The thing the bride cannot live without
  11. The weirdest food the couple tried in one of their trips
  12. The couple’s favourite pizza topping

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We hope this list helped!

Have a wonderful bridal shower celebration! 🎉❤️