60+ Clues and Questions Ideas for an Anniversary Crossword Puzzle

March 25, 2021

Do you want to make something unique and special for this anniversary?

A personalized crossword puzzle gift will do just that. It will surprise your loving partner or your parents for an anniversary, melt their hearts and make them remember this anniversary for sure.

To help you with ideas of what to include in such a puzzle, we created a list of 60+ clues and questions. 😊

Anniversary crossword puzzle example

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Now let's see the list of the clues ideas.

πŸ₯° Personal details:

  1. Where we met
  2. The month or season when we met
  3. The name of the person who introduced us
  4. The nickname you use for me
  5. The name of our dog or cat
  6. The month we moved in together
  7. The flowers you usually buy me
  8. The thing that makes me happy when I am sad
  9. The first thing on our bucket list

πŸ₯‡ The firsts:

  1. The location of our first date
  2. The first item we bought together
  3. The first movie we watched together
  4. The first dinner or dessert you cooked me
  5. The name of the street where we first lived together
  6. The first trip we took together
  7. The first flight we took together
  8. The first mountain we climbed together
  9. The first car we bought together

πŸ‘°πŸ€΅ Wedding & Proposal details:

  1. The location of proposal
  2. The month of proposal
  3. The stone in my engagement or wedding ring
  4. Name of our best man or maid of honor
  5. The location of our wedding
  6. The band that played on our wedding
  7. The first song we danced to on our wedding
  8. The flavour of our wedding cake
  9. The country we went for honeymoon

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location & Travel:

  1. The highest mountain we climbed
  2. The coldest river or lake we swam in
  3. The remotest country we visited
  4. The longest flight or train ride we took
  5. The place where we went to the best party ever
  6. The biggest city we visited
  7. The location of the most romantic date we had

βœ”οΈ Numbers:

  1. How many dates we had before we were a couple
  2. How many times did we move
  3. The number of countries we visited together
  4. The number of languages we speak
  5. The number of years together
  6. The number of (grand)children we have or we want to have
  7. The number of plants we have in our apartment

🏟️ Hobbies & Free time:

  1. The board game we often play in our free time
  2. The sport activity we do together
  3. The concert type we love to go to together
  4. The music author we listen to most often
  5. The song you always sing to me
  6. The dish we usually cook together
  7. Our Christmas/Easter tradition
  8. Our morning or evening ritual

πŸ’š Favourites:

  1. Our favourite restaurant or bar
  2. Our favourite movie or TV show
  3. Our favourite musician or band
  4. Our favourite date activity
  5. Our favourite drink
  6. Our favourite snack
  7. Our favourite city or country we visited
  8. The favourite gift I have ever given to you or you to me
  9. The favourite dish or dessert I prepare to you

πŸ˜† Funny:

  1. Game in which you or I always win
  2. When you met me, you thought that I was
  3. The number of times you forgot on our anniversary
  4. Cause of the funniest incident during one of our trips
  5. The silliest argument we had was about this

Now that you are full of ideas,you are ready to create your beautiful personalized crossword puzzle in no time with our wedding crossword maker tool. 😊

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We hope this list helped!

Happy anniversary! πŸŽ‰β€οΈ