50+ Clues Ideas for Your Wedding Crossword Puzzle

May 8, 2020

Do you want to make your big day even more memorable?

Wedding crossword puzzles with questions about the bride and groom are always a big hit at weddings.

Well-chosen clues can serve as great conversation starters for guest from different families that don't yet know each other, while for the elderly and those that are not keen on dancing can provide a fun and memorable activity.

To help you come up with the clues and save you time, we have created a list of 50+ clues ideas that you can use.

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Without further ado, here is the categorized list of crossword questions ideas.

👰🤵 Personal Details

  1. Bride’s surname
  2. Number of cousins the couple have combined
  3. Bride’s middle name
  4. Color of bride’s eyes
  5. Groom’s biggest fear
  6. Groom’s childhood nickname
  7. Village the bride grew up in
  8. Groom's hometown
  9. Name of the high school they both went to
  10. Number of rooms in their apartment
  11. What did bride study at university

🗺️ Location & Travel

  1. The place they have first met
  2. Where did he propose
  3. Location of their first trip
  4. Location of first kiss
  5. Name of the street they live at
  6. Location where he proposed
  7. Their favourite trip together
  8. Location of their honeymoon
  9. Number of countries they visited together
  10. Country they want to visit the most
  11. The highest mountain they climbed together

⏱️ Time

  1. Month when they have met
  2. Month of their anniversary
  3. Their favourite season
  4. How long they have dated before moving in together
  5. How long do they live together

💒 Wedding

  1. Flavor of the wedding cake
  2. Number of dresses bride tried
  3. Number of bridesmaids
  4. Number of guests
  5. Name of the band
  6. Name of the best man
  7. Color of groom’s tie

🏟️ Hobbies & Free Time

  1. The instrument bride plays
  2. Marathon that bride has run
  3. Sport bride played in high school
  4. First concert they saw together
  5. The name of their dog
  6. First dish they cooked together

💚 Favourites

  1. Groom’s favourite food
  2. Their favourite hobby
  3. Bride’s favourite ice cream flavor
  4. Bride can’t live without this
  5. Their favourite TV show
  6. Brides favourite singer
  7. Their favourite free time activity
  8. What groom likes to eat for breakfast
  9. Groom’s favourite sports team
  10. Their favourite wine
  11. Their favourite restaurant
  12. Their favourite bar
  13. Their favourite song
  14. Groom’s favourite book

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We hope the list of clues helped!

We wish you a wonderful wedding and all the happiness in your marriage! 😊❤️